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Madison Brand Consulting is a marketing consulting firm that offers comprehensive brand-building services to startups and firms in need of brand repositioning. Our dedicated team specializes in applying rigorous, research-based methods to deliver customized solutions, fostering collaborative growth, and ensuring that each brand achieves its unique potential. 

Our specialty is providing end-to-end brand-building services for start-ups in tech, biotech, fintech, and social

networking. On a case-by-case basis, we also help businesses with brand extension and brand repair. Our Team brings substantial experience and expertise in all facets of branding and brand building.


The essence of successful brand development is connectivity with customers. We believe that effective brand building requires an in-depth understanding of consumer perceptions of your brand and its competitors. At MBC, we apply a rigorous, research-based approach to brand building—founded on a comprehensive understanding of consumer mindsets concerning your brand.


Unlike research-only firms, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process of brand development. 

The resulting data and deliverables from our Research and other Services allow our clients to make well informed decisions—

minimizing time-to-market, while increasing customer engagement with their brand.


While our process is grounded in various types of stringent, quantitative brand research, we also offer a broad range of brand related services. Learn More about our portfolio of brand building and related services.

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