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Services Portfolio  |  Brand Building & Related Services


Madison Brand Consulting (MBC) offers a full suite of brand building and related services. All our services are grounded in rigorous, quantitative research. Our Team possesses extensive expertise and experience in the following types of brand building research and related services:

Brand Building Research Services

  • Cross-sectional Survey Based Analysis

  • Product Portfolio Analysis & Development

  • Field Research

  • Experimental Research

  • Longitudinal Survey-based Research

  • Longitudinal Randomized Controlled Trials

  • Segmentation Analysis

Market Segmentation
Customer Segmentation
Attractiveness Analysis

Related Brand & Branding Services

  • Brand Positioning

  • Product Development

  • Brand Personality Development

  • Brand Persona Development

  • Pricing Strategy Development

  • Brand Repair

  • Brand Extension

  • Brand Logo / Corporate Identity Design

  • Advertising & Marketing Content Development

Additionally, we are actively engaged in the process of adding such cutting edge tools as Virtual Reality and Neuro-Imaging to our portfolio of research methods.

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