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Mehdi T. Hossain, PhD—Founder / CEO & Director of Research
Mehdi T. Hossain, PhD


The same study also finds that hope-framed communication is effective in reducing vaccine hesitancy over time. Currently, Dr. Hossain is involved in several other projects on the societal impact of marketing (and mental accounting's role in them) with potential/pending support from federal funding agencies.

Dr. Hossain reviews for prestigious academic journals such as Journal of Consumer Research, Industrial Marketing Management, Nature Human Behavior, Journal of Personal Selling and Sales Management, Journal of Experimental Psychology, Applied, and Journal of Business Research. He also reviews grants for the Research Grants Council (RGC), Hong Kong.


Dr. Hossain earned his PhD in Marketing from the University of Texas at Arlington (2014), and his MSS (2008) and BSS (2006) degrees in Economics from University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Publishing & Media

Dr. Hossain's research has been published in academic journals including Journal of Consumer Research, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Research in Marketing and Marketing Letters. Additionally, Dr. Hossain and his work have been featured by NPR, WalletHub and Providence Business News.

Dr. Hossain is blessed with a 6-year old daughter, a Boston Terrier puppy, and many friends in his community and beyond.

Mehdi T. Hossain, PhD  CEO, Founder & Director of Research

In addition to founding, managing and directing research at MBC, Dr. Hossain is widely Published and recognized in research circles and the media. He is currently an Associate Professor at The University of Rhode Island College of Business.


Dr. Hossain's current research projects include a study supported by a grant from the National Science Foundation. Utilizing cross-sectional and longitudinal surveys, longitudinal randomized controlled trials, and a cross-sectional experiment, the study finds that hope-framed interventions are most effective in positively influencing panic buying and excessive stockpiling during a pandemic.

Kevin Shea is a seasoned corporate finance professional, whose passion for behavioral economics and analysis make him particularly well suited to his MBC consultancy.

Currently serving as Vice President of Finance at White Mountains, a prominent, diversified insurance and financial services holdings company, Mr. Shea brings a wealth of experience to the MBC table. Prior to becoming Vice President, Kevin held a variety of analytical roles within the organization. His blend of financial expertise and insights on behavioral economics enables him to provide innovative, data-driven solutions to businesses bridging the gap between financial theory and the practical application of growth strategies.

Kevin J. Shea, CFA
Kevin J. Shea, CFA – Financial & Accounting Consultant

Kevin J. Shea, CFADirector of operations and finance

Kevin's commitment to optimizing financial strategies and fostering growth makes him a trusted leader, poised to drive success for any organization he servesincluding MBC and its valued clients.



Kevin is an alumnus of Stonehill College, and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

Kevin Shea is a devoted husband, proud dog father and a passionate Boston sports fan. When he's not catching a game, you can find Kevin on a golf course or competing in a paddle tennis match at EPTC.

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