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Welcome to Brandpower by MBC!

Updated: Jan 1

Welcome to Brandpower by MBC, a go-to space for all things branding! Here, we're diving deep into the world of branding and unraveling the science that influences consumer behavior.


Picture this: the impact of a brand is felt way before you buy a product and lingers long after. It's a carefully woven tapestry of elements that need to dance in harmony, creating a clear and memorable message. Think of it like crafting a brand mantra that sticks.


Ever noticed how brands sometimes seem like they have their personality, almost like they're one of us? Also, why do brands give human-like shapes to packaging and other elements? That's where brand anthropomorphism comes in – giving brand elements a human touch. It's the secret sauce that bridges the gap between the brand and you, reducing that "psychological distance."


Brands aren't just about products; they're taking a stance in the political arena too. How does this influence what you think about a brand over time? We're going to unpack this hot topic at Brandpower by MBC. And speaking of hot topics, environmental brand positioning has been on the rise for over a decade. With climate change concerns in focus, brands are going green. We're going to delve into the pros and cons of environmental branding and expose the ins and outs of "greenwashing."


We will time travel and explore how branding has evolved over the years and also dive into emerging trends.  Today, we’re witnessing a fascinating shift towards emotional and identity branding. These are just a few teasers of the wide-ranging posts coming your way at Brandpower by MBC.  Our mission? To boost your branding knowledge through engaging perspectives on building and shaping brands. Stick around, and don't forget to drop a comment about branding topics you're itching to explore with us!

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